About Channel P

What Is Channel P?

Channel P is an online radio station run by NZ's favorite F Grade celebrities Jeff & Barry

What Does The P In Channel P Stand For?

Anything you can smoke or drink & if you pay us enough anything you want it to!

What Can Channel P Do For Me?

Well we cant do sexual favors so don't ask gay questions!!!!! but we can change your idea of what good radio is!

OMG Its Channel P!

Yes, Yes it is we get that allot!

What's the longest Time Jeff & Barry Have Been Sober?

11 Years

What Happened To make them Drink Again?

They turned 12

Who & What Gave You The Idea To Start Channel P?

Jeff: Me ~ I had a dream & that's how it started

Barry: Jeff ~ He was abducted by aliens & they analy inserted the idea into him

God: Jeff ~ I think he was knocked unconscious on Halloween by a guy dressed in a alien suit with a 2X4...what they did to him I don't know but what came out was Channel P

How Did Jeff & Barry Meet?

In 1998 a group of indoor farmers got a hefty fine for molestering hamsters & forced to pay it to a charity at Christmas, the charity was Jeff - Helping people named Jeff. Now Jeff happened to a person named Jeff & since everyone else who applied mysteriously hung them self's from the same tree with there arms chopped off Jeff got the money.

Jump to 1999 after a year of drinking away thousands of dollars worth of Alymaholes & anything else he could get Jeff knew he had a problem! he was running out of beer so off to the liquor store. Now to be clear Jeff does not have a drinking problem at this stage! It was the next day when he runs out of money & can get anymore beer that he does.

So after the 4 month drugs & sex party Opps I mean rehab where Jeff meet a lepricon, Jeff turned his life around & brought his first car an RX7 lawnmower. 30 minutes after buying this car it broke down outside a pub of all places, A BOGAN approaches Jeff & says " You got car troubles? I'm the Satanic Mechanic I'll get it going for ya" Looks under the bonnet " here's your problem NO PISTONS & oh no you cam belts gone!" so he puts in some pistons Grabs some duct tape & makes a new cam belt. Then they went Pub Crawling

I Still Have More Questions!

Well If you read this far down Your a complete & utter fucking Moron! should of just hit the contact us button & asked it in the first place!